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100 Monks

Hints and solutions available here. In Normandy, there is monastery of 100 Trappist monks. They are highly logical and can determine the answer to any solvable mathematical problem. The monks also keep strictly to the rule of St Benedict. To discourage vanity, they have no mirrors or any other reflective surfaces. They remain completely silent […]

Finite Simple Group (of order two)

By their own admission, the Klein Four Group is the première a capella group in the world of higher mathematics. They are based at the Northwestern University mathematics department.


Much of Asia is in political turmoil, so I’ve had to make some difficult choices in my territories of Asia puzzle. Here, I’ll note some omissions and other relevant facts. Add your own comments below, but no flamewars please! China: Oddly enough, even the very notion of ‘China’ is contentious, with two modern-day states vying […]

5 Pirates

Five ferocious pirates sacked Shanghai and escaped with 100 gold sovereigns. It’s now time to divide the booty between them. In decreasing order of seniority, they are: Able Ahab, Barnacle Bill, Crusty Chris, Dangerous Dave, and Eloquent Ed. Whatever they do, in dividing the loot, they must obey the Pirate’s Code. The Pirate’s Code: The […]