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Extreme Rollerblade: Buggy-Rollin

Watch this amazing video of Frenchman Jean-Yves Blondeau (nicknamed Rollerman) and his Buggy-Rollin suit. As he hurtles at incredible speed down luge runs and the streets of France, I can’t help thinking that Blondeau is an anime character come to life.

Stephen Wiltshire: artistic savant

Stephen Wiltshire, a young autistic man from London, has the phenomenal ability to accurately reproduce any scene shown to him. In this short film, he’s taken for a 45 minute helicopter trip of Rome, and then asked to draw a 5 1/2 yard (5 m) panoramic view of the city centre. The work takes him […]

Curb your Enthusiasm, season six

In my opinion, the funniest sitcom series this century. Larry David continues to write great material in the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Curb isn’t to everyone’s taste — there’s a lot of swearing and Larry David makes free with stereotypes. What stops this show being offensive beyond belief is that he’s always sending […]

Toyota unveils violin-playing robot

Toyota’s latest venture in robotics is an android capable of playing the violin. In the video below, we see this robot playing a few bars from Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance. So, it has a long way to go before matching Yehudi Menuhin, but it’s still a remarkable feat for a “baby” robot. The robot stands […]

Updated Asia Quiz

After taking user feedback on board, I’ve decided to stick with only bona fide countries on the Asia quiz. This means that territories such as Hong Kong, Macau, the West Bank, and the Gaza strip have been removed from the updated version. I’ve omitted Egypt, but kept Cyprus, Russia, and the Caucasus states. A note […]