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Curb your Enthusiasm, season six

In my opinion, the funniest sitcom series this century. Larry David continues to write great material in the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Curb isn’t to everyone’s taste — there’s a lot of swearing and Larry David makes free with stereotypes. What stops this show being offensive beyond belief is that he’s always sending […]

Toyota unveils violin-playing robot

Toyota’s latest venture in robotics is an android capable of playing the violin. In the video below, we see this robot playing a few bars from Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance. So, it has a long way to go before matching Yehudi Menuhin, but it’s still a remarkable feat for a “baby” robot. The robot stands […]

Command and Conquer 12th Anniversary

Command and Conquer was one of the truly iconic games of the mid 1990s. Initially developed in 1995 by the Las Vegas firm Westwood Studios, C&C went on to become the touchstone for real-time strategy games, claiming the throne jointly with Warcraft. 12 years on, C&C is a successful franchise, now run by EA Games. […]