Welcome! On the right, you'll find fun and challenging problems that require critical thought.

None of the problems involve a 'trick' definition, but none the less you'll need to think creatively to find the solution. Each problem is star-rated according to its difficulty, with one star being easy and five being extremely hard.

If you can't do one of the problems, don't worry. This website is meant more as a learning tool than as an examination! Bear in mind that academics often learn from each other and ask questions when they don't understand something. It's more useful to read the hints and the solutions than to become frustrated.

We hope you have fun!

Logic Puzzles:

The Twelve days of Christmas (*/**) 1 Dec 07
How many gifts did my true love send me?
The squashed bee (**) 15 Oct 07
How far does the bee travel before it's squashed?
12 coins (****) 14 Oct 07
Find the counterfeit coin in 3 moves
Black and blue socks (*) 28th Aug 07
Choose a matching pair of socks in the dark
100 monks (**) 18th Aug 07
How do you communicate simply by not dying?
Coins on a table (***) 15 Aug 07
The last person to place a coin wins
10 Barons (***) 15 Aug 07
Help me catch a cheating Baron by weighing gold bars
Fox, chicken, grain (*) 14 Aug 07
Cross a river taking only one at a time
5 pirates (****) 14 Aug 07
A tricky problem in booty allocation
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